Holiday Day 7 – Cape Town Fun

04 Oct

On the Friday of our vacation, Jacob and I got up and met my friend Georgie at her flat in town.  I met Georgie through Keri, as they went to high school together, but she is now at the University of Cape Town.  Georgie took us up to Lionshead, which we were planning on hiking.  Lionshead is a peak right next to Table Mountain, aptly named as it looks like…a lion’s head.  I’m sure that there’s a large sample of people out there who think that it’s blasphemous that we skipped Table Mountain and just did Lionshead.  However, hiking Lionshead, while still strenuous, requires only about 2 hours, compared with the 4-8 that it requires to hike up and back Table Mountain.  Table Mountain also requires a guide, as there are multiple ways to get up there and no easy path.  Finally, I hate cable cars so I was not about to take that up and back.  Sorry, I felt the need to explain myself.

So, we got to the bottom of Lionshead and hiked our way up.  The beginning of the path is steep but wide.  However, as you get higher it gets much more narrow and precarious.  I am a clumsy person by nature, so I took serious caution as we ascended.  We also chose to take the path that involves rock climbing and the use of chains to help yourself up, which is way more fun than just walking.  When we made it to the top, the view was outrageous.  You could see all the way up and down the coast, the Twelve Apostles, which are the peaks to the south of Table Mountain, Robben Island and miles of ocean.  After about 10 minutes of admiring the landscape we hiked back down.  We decided to drive up Signal Hill, which has another area at the top which afforded some lovely views.  By this point we were starving so we headed into town for lunch.

Georgie took us to a place downtown called Beluga, which had awesome sushi and delicious char siu duck buns.  We also indulged in a post-workout beer and then decided it was time to take a nap before evening festivites.  For dinner, Jacob and I headed to the Bombay Bicycle Club in downtown Cape Town.  It’s a kitchy type of restaurant that’s heavily decorated, and the serving staff is casual and lightly costumed.  Along with being a fun atmosphere, the food was really good.  We started with fried camembert, and then I had eggplant parmesan.  However, Jacob’s dish was the best.  It was their specialty, which is a chocolate-chili sauce over a filet.  Almost like a molé sauce, except the chocolate was more pronounced and there was a good amount of spice.  So good.

Georgie met us for dessert and a drink, and then we headed out to party.  We went to Fez Club, which apparently has been recently renovated.  The club was huge, with a big, elaborately decorated dance floor.  There was also a nice rooftop area when we needed some air, cause it was seriously crowded.  The club had kind of a burlesque-y vibe.  There was a girl who came out on a trapeze over the crowd while we were dancing.  There was also a girl with some kind of glow-ropes.  Finally, the most hilarious act of the night appeared.  These were two girls, one dressed in white lingerie and one in black lingerie, but they were wearing Darth Vader and Stormtrooper helmets.  They were also toting light sabers.  It was like every nerd’s ultimate fantasy.

Needless to say, the night was pretty entertaining.  At about one we decided to go home however, because we were feeling a little old.  The drinking age in South Africa is 18, and I’m pretty sure everybody in that club was more like 16.  I started to miss New York, where I still feel pretty young on the bar scene. Anywho, we had an early start planned for the next day, so we decided to head home and turn in.

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