Holiday Day 6 – Fancy Dinner # 2

30 Sep

After a long day of wine tasting and a good nap, a Jacob and I were ready for our next dinner.  Our friends Greg and Roger were in town for the South African advertising awards, and made plans to join us at La Colombe, on the Constantia Uitsig wine farm.  A couple of years back, La Colombe was voted No. 12 on the Pellegrino 50 best restaurants in the world, so needless to say we knew we were in for a treat.

The atmosphere at La Colombe was quite different than the Roundhouse.  While the food and service were still of the highest caliber, the ambiance was much more laid back and casual, which I quite enjoyed.  The servers were very conversational, while at the same time super knowledgeable about the food.  The best part was the open kitchen, which gave the dining room more of an alive vibe and you got to see the cooks at work, which I always love.

We started off with a bottle of sparkling wine from Constantia-Uitsig, made in the traditional Champagne style, because it’s one of their specialties and it was lovely.  Unfortunately, my stomach was being uncooperative, so that was all the wine that I had for the evening and it was perfect.  We each had 3 courses with a little palate cleanser in between the first and second course.

For my first course I had pan fried foie gras with seared quail breast, a confit quail leg, quince puree, parnsip crisps, caramelized endive and a quail and quince jus.  OMG I could eat that dish every day, it was amazing.  Jacob had scallops with langoustine glazed confit pork belly, smoked parsnip puree, black forest ham veloute, crisp pork crackling and lemon and pea dressing.  Equally as delicious.

For our palate cleansers I had a pineapple granita with a pina colada cream, while jacob had a granny smith apple granita with a calvados foam.  Really nice break from all of the richness.

For our main courses, Jacob had a sous vide filet of veal, warm ballotine of morel mushrooms and sweet breads, steamed langoustine, buttered pomme puree, pea salad and black forest ham salad, and mustard beurre blanc.  Again, another amazing dish.

Finally for our desserts, the table split three.  First was a rose panna cotta, which was not my favorite because I don’t love panna cotta and I don’t love rose flavored things, so that was kind of a wash for me.  However, the other two were amazing.  There was a terrine of chocolate and peanut butter with apricot puree and a chocolate sorbet.  It tasted like a candy bar and was amazing.  Chocolate and peanut butter is not a big combo over here…no reese’s to be found anywhere 😦 so I was thrilled to have this dessert.  Second was a tonka bean creme that was served inside of a chocolate cigar and served with a spice cake.  Tonka bean is a South American bean that has notes of vanilla and almond to it, and it made for a perfect custard.

Finally, once again we were brought a giant petits fours tray to pick off of with the bill.  There was turkish delight, coconut marshmallows, madeleines, an incredibly rich chocolate truffle, and meringues.  They also brought some homemade caramels, which are definitely my weakness.  It was really a perfect meal.

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