Holiday Day 4 – A Sad Day

22 Sep

Tuesday morning, Jacob and I got ourselves to the airport nice and early for our flight to Cape Town.  We flew on Kalula, one of the popular South African based discount airlines.  The airline itself is pretty nice.  It’s no muss no fuss, but they have a good sense of humor, and try and lighten the mood for everyone on board.  For the brief 2 hour flight to Cape Town it was perfectly adequate.

On our descent we discovered, much to our dismay, that on that day Cape Town was very cold, rainy and windy.  Not a great start to a vacation, but whatever.  We got our rental car, and drove the 20 km through very windy and forested mountain roads to our accommodation in Hout Bay.  Rather than stay in a hotel, we opted for self-catering accommodation, which allowed for a lot of space in a beautiful location for a fraction of the price.

We stayed in a 2-bedroom log cabin up in the hills, which rewarded us with stunning views of the hillsides…or at least it would on a not so dreary day.  The cabin itself was freezing when we got there, but after a phone call to our hosts, they came down with a space heater and we were set up for success.

Jacob and I were going to go north into Cape Town to have a drink and a casual dinner that evening.  However, the weather was so yucky that we decided just to stay close by.  We hit the Pick n Pay for some breakfast supplies and ordered pizza to go from a local pizza place.  When we got back to the cabin, we put on a Top Gear marathon, popped a bottle of wine and enjoyed our pizza by the space heater, or R2 as Jacob liked to call it, due to its striking resemblance to a robot.

It was after dinner that I realized that something was going horribly wrong.  I stayed super full after we ate, like nothing was getting digested, and started to feel super nauseated.  I then understood what was happening.  A few times a year, I fall prey to a stomach bug, which my doctor dad now believes might be stress induced.  Sure enough, I spent all night in the bathroom, my body working it’s hardest to empty every last bit of whatever out of my stomach.  This was a particularly nasty bout, and I would have to put it in one of my top 10 worst nights ever.  I was reduced to tears at about 2 in the morning when I just wasn’t feeling any better, and poor Jacob didn’t know what to do.  It did subside eventually, as it always does, and I was able to get about 3 hours of sleep.  This was not the best way to set me up for success for the rest of our trip, as the next morning we were set to go snorkeling and we had 2 fancy dinners coming up the next 2 nights.

Stay tuned to see how I fared…

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