Keri’s Birthday

05 Sep

Hey there!  So, I don’t have that much exciting news as I’m nearing Spring Break and schoolwork is getting a bit more intense.  However, I did get to celebrate Keri’s birthday with her last Saturday which was great fun.  Keri and her mom were nice enough to pick me up from the mall and drop us off at our chosen destination for the evening, The Office, back in Greenside.

The place gets super crowded on weekends, so Ana, Keri and I showed up pretty early to get a table which meant we had a long night ahead of us.  However, it was nice to sit while it was still quiet and enjoy cocktails before the night got loud and crazy.  We started the night off with mojitos and caiparinhas and waited for everyone to show up.  One of the girls’ friends who showed up early was Harriet, a lovely girl who is in the middle of med school, so she was very excited to have a night off and to not be on call the next day.

After it hit about 9 o’clock everyone started showing up.  From then on it was your pretty standard birthday celebration.  Lot’s of good friends, a crowded and loud bar, good dancing and lots of drinks.  I’m pretty sure Keri had a great time, and held her own very well, seeing as the poor girl kept getting shots shoved in her face.  We were all exhausted by the end of the night, but I’m just glad that I was able to help her celebrate.

The preceding week had two in-class presentations in it, so I was happy for a reason to let loose.  I am currently procrastinating the book review that is due tomorrow, because I simply don’t want to do it.  I’ll make quick work of it once I start writing, but I’m finding being a self-starter massively difficult today.  I also need to get ahead of myself this week, as next week is spring break.  And…Jacob is coming!  He’ll be here on Saturday and doesn’t leave until next Sunday, so I’ll have lots of fun adventures to relate.

Until then, I guess I better start working…

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