31 Aug

On Saturday I had the opportunity to go to Pinkiefest 2011, a festival benefiting a charity and also a good excuse to party.  The charity that was benefited this year was an annual rescue center.  The concept is pretty good; you pay R200 (basically 30 bucks) for the all day festival that includes free alcohol, bands, DJs and other entertainment.  It’s set up in the middle of a park so there was lots of space.  Everyone is also supposed to dress in pink, and lots of people got very creative with their costumes.  Overall it was packed with probably over a thousand people, and plenty of pink to go around.

I went with Keri, Ana, and Georgie, and we arrived about an hour after everything got going at 2.  You get a bracelet and a cup.  The cup idea is actually pretty smart; instead of people carrying bottles and cans around and making an awful mess of the whole place, you just keep refilling one cup over and over which cuts down on the mess.  The weather cooperated nicely for us, and it was already pretty hot by the time we got there.  We headed to the tent that was designated the “ladies bar” because it was shaded and less crowded.  This also meant that the bar was tended by shirtless men, and only girly drinks were available.  In this case it meant brutal fruit in strawberry and cranberry flavors because they were, what else, pink.

There were two main areas set up in the festival, the first being the outdoor area with a stage for live bands and a tented area with DJs, a dance floor and other performances.  The girls knew a lot of people there, so we spent a lot of time socializing, drinking, dancing and listening to bands.  The drinks were basic, with brutal fruit and beer being the main options, but there was a very delicious and dangerous punch that was served jungle juice style…straight out of a giant bin on the ground.  When it got a little darker performances started in the tented area so we moved over there.  There was the most amazing beatboxer I’ve ever seen live (except for JT…don’t judge), followed by a group of guys putting on a drum performance that was really awesome.

The action started to die down around 8, mainly because the liquor started to run out, so we decided to head to the next venue.  We miraculously managed to find a cab that wasn’t charging exorbitant prices, and the cab driver, Thomas, was very pleasant.  He played us love songs all the way to the bar.  We went to the Colony Arms, which is just a little pub in the back a kind of strip mall, but it’s very popular and lots of fun.  I think that karaoke was on that night, but I definitely avoided that at all costs…  What I did not avoid was trying cane for the first time.  Cane is basically like rum, and one of the specialties at this bar is the cane train.  In order to construct a cane train, you take a 2 liter bottle, slice off the top, fill it up to a certain point with cane, and then finish it off with cream soda.  Then you drink it.  Here, take a look.  You can see from the look on my face that I knew what I was getting into.  This little baby is not a joke, but it sure does go down easy.

Many of our friends who were at Pinkiefest followed suit and came to Colony, so we kept the party going there and had a great time for the rest of the night.  I kept a couple of the guys entertained by repeating the word “strawberry” over and over; apparently they can not get enough entertainment from my American accent.  At the end of the night we got a much surlier cab driver, but that did not stop us from making him take us to McDonald’s on the way home, as we had barely eaten all day.  Georgie was nice enough to let Keri and I crash at her house, and crash is exactly what we did after we were done eating.

I’m not gonna lie; Sunday was a rough day.  Apparently the word for hangover here is babalas….and that’s what I was.  Very very babalas.  However, I had a great time, and it gave me an excuse to stay in bed and read all day.

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