Sunday Funday

14 Aug

My Dad has requested that I try to make my blogs a bit more concise, because apparently he doesn’t have time to read whole entries.  Thanks, Dad.  I suppose I do tend to be a bit verbose, so perhaps on days that I don’t do anything specific I’ll write little blurbs for all my busy friends out there.  We’ll see.  Today I did get to do fun things so this might be a little lengthier.  SORRY, DAD 😉

Today I tried my hand at the Wits bus system.  There are actually 3 different campuses to Wits, the main one on which I reside, the education campus and the management campus.  During the week, there is a free bus that runs between all 3 campuses.  On the weekend it also adds a stop at Rosebank, one of the big shopping centers in town.  Keri wanted to meet me in Rosebank for the market and lunch, so I decided to take the bus in to see how it worked.  It was super simple.  There’s one bus stop on campus, on Sundays it comes every hour to go to Rosebank, and everyone just piles on.  The bus is more like a tour bus than a city bus, so it’s pretty comfortable, and it’s a pretty quick trip to Rosebank.  Now that I know how it works I’m probably going to spend every Saturday at the mall instead of studying.  Oops.

When I got to Rosebank, the first thing that Keri and I did was walk around the African market that runs every Sunday in the parking area.  It’s a giant market that is basically a whole lot of crafts and food tables, and it’s really wonderful.  There is literally anything you could want there, from jewelry to kitchenwares to animals skins to giant wooden giraffes.  There were some beautiful spice tables that I always see in other peoples pictures when they go abroad and I finally got to see one for myself.  I also got to try proper biltong for the first time, which is basically like beef jerky, but better.  The kind that Keri prefers and I really like is the wet biltong, which is dried meat, but it’s still a bit rare so it has great flavor and good texture to it.  I’m excited to go back and purchase some exotic flavors; you can get everything from ostrich to kudu to springbok.  Yum.

After the market, Keri and I walked into the actual mall to have a look at the stores.  There’s a great pharmacy call Clicks which is just like a CVS, and I was thankfully able to get some more Ibuprofen as it is my lifeblood and I had just run out.  It’s called Nurofen here, and you have to get it behind the counter, but I’m just happy to have it back in my life.  The mall itself is just like any mall, but the restaurants in the mall are all very nice looking.  Keri and I went to one called Tsunami Seafood for sushi.  I LOVE sushi, and it was quite good and affordable.  As it was a mild day, we sat outside and got to watch some African dancers out on the street while enjoying our lunch.

After lunch, I got to go to Woolie’s (Woolworths) again, and spent my life savings on groceries, but it was worth it!  Seriously, that food is delicious and will last me a couple of weeks.  We then met up with our friend Yejin.  Yejin was a fellow exchange student at Wits from GW, though she was studying here last year.  She graduated from GW in the spring and landed a job in Joburg, so she lives here now!  We headed out for coffee next, at a place called Motherland Coffee.  It’s quite similar to a Starbucks, offering lots of different latte options, but still no filter coffee.  However, my Americano was the next best thing.  Yejin, Keri and I had a really lovely hour catching up and sipping our drinks, and then it was time to head home.

It’s supposed to rain here in the next couple of days, and it’s already looking and sounding very ominous.  I’m so excited for my first Joburg thunderstorm, and I’ve got a tin roof, so that should be pretty intense.



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