My Second Night Out, Part 2

26 Jul

The internet has been a little rough here.  Apparently whatever runs the LAN for my residence broke, so the internet gets angry for hours at a time every now and again, leaving me stranded in my room with not a lot to do when it’s night time.  Fortunately my library card works now, so I will always have my books to keep me company.  First up is Jane Eyre.  Not to mention that my first class is today, so I will have PLENTY of reading to do now.

Back to Friday night.  So, the cab driver made it to my res, I found her, and we were on our way. My driver’s name was Mavis, and she was lovely and talkative although sometimes divulged a bit too much information.  For instance, at the north campus exit there is an intersection that is rather dodgy.  It’s one of those places where very late at night, if there are no cars around and there is a red light, you go ahead through the red light without stopping.  I’m aware of this, and I know where to be smart, but I don’t necessarily want to hear more stories about it.  As we pulled up to the intersection, Mavis says “I don’t like this intersection.  I always go through if I can.  Last week I drove a lady who had a smash and grab here twice!  She said the next time it happens she’s going to say ‘No, remember me?  You already did it twice!’ *Laughs heartily*.”  Meanwhile, we’re sitting in the intersection AT THE RED LIGHT, and I am pretending to laugh when in fact I am counting seconds until the light turns green.  Fortunately, the entire ride took place without incident, and I made it to my destination safely.

That night our destination was another neighborhood called Greenside, much like Parktown North in that the street we were on had a whole line of bars and was a popular nightlife destination.  Apparently these are the only two streets like this in Jo’burg, so I got to see both of them.  The bar I was headed to is called The Office.  It’s rather new and they have a giant cocktail menu and most of the cocktails run around 5 to 6 dollars, which is amazing.  I arrived early, so I decided to push my way to the bar and have a drink while I waited for Ana.  First of all, being that it was Friday night the bar was PACKED, but I managed to get a spot at the bar.  Second, of all, having a drink at the bar by myself is something I do all the time while waiting for somebody to meet me because I’m always way too early, and I’m totally comfortable doing it.  However, at this specific bar it may not have been the wisest choice.  The men were AGRESSIVE, as I was the only girl in the place who wasn’t occupied with friends or a date.  And apologies if this offends any older, single male readers but it was all 50+ men, measuring towards the top on the scale of creepy.  They didn’t care that I was married or waiting for friends.  At one point I had a man on each side and one behind me jockeying for my attention.  Now, every girl loves a little flattery, but this was ridiculous.  Not to mention that they were all my dad’s age.  I was massively relieved when Ana walked in the door and saved me.

I told her that I hadn’t eaten dinner yet, so she decided to take me over to the pizza place (people really like pizza here) next door.  It’s called Andiccio, and it’s a simple take out place where you fill out your order on a piece of paper, and a person pizza runs about 7 dollars.  They also serve alcohol and espresso, and they’re open 24 hours, which is rare around here.  Toppings for pizzas are pretty standard, but the one standout topping I’ve seen at a couple of places is banana.  I’ve seen some weird stuff on pizza, but that’s pretty strange.  I’ll have to try it at some point.  So, I had my pizza, and was ready for more drinks.

Ana and I went back over to The Office to meet up with some more friends, some who I had met the night before and some new people as well.  The bar was even more packed at this point and it was taking about half an hour to get a drink, so we decided to be really classy and drink Long Island Iced Teas, because they’re big and you don’t have to go back to the bar as often.  Sidenote: Telling people that I’m married here has been very interested.  It’s true that I got married very young by any standard, but it’s even more uncommon here.  When I tell people that I’m married and have been so for almost 4 years, an look of shock comes across their faces.  Then the girls say “That’s GREAT!” and the guys say “That’s AWFUL.”  Haha, it’s pretty entertaining.  They’ll get it when they meet Jacob.

The night was great fun, and one of Ana’s friends, Stephen, graciously offered to give us a lift back home which saved me a lot of money.  Before we left we had to get late night pizza, however, so we headed back to Andiccio’s.  Apparently nights out invariably end there or at McDonald’s, the only 24 hour establishments located in the vicinity.  I got home safely and spent the rest of the weekend lounging about and relishing my free time, which ends today.

Next up, first day of class.

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